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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:46 am    Post subject: House MD Seasons 1-7: Beautiful Writing! Reply with quote

The House MD DVD show's writing and directing is so good, and just brings out the best out of the actors. I love his negative and rude/ arrogant attitude. Sad thing for Wilson and Cuddy is that House is always right no matter what. Friday Night Lights DVD Pisses them off a lot, especially when he has broken a million rules to get what he wants. I just think this show is genius, the CSI themed Emmy Award Nominated medical drama starring the amazing British actor Hugh Laurie. I think it's about time House won that Emmy! Dexter DVD I love him! You don't have to be a nurse, a doctor or someone with a degree on the medical field to enjoy this show. I for one does not fully understand the medical terms on most of the episodes but i am still loving every minute of House. There's just nothing that you can't like about this show. The Vampire Diaries DVD There's drama when you need some and it's always full of fun every time House opens his mouth. I just wished "13" didn't have to leave the show though. The other is the one where Wilson's girlfriend died. That was a very sad episode that a true fan of the show must not miss. My week is not complete if I can't watch the episode of House. Breaking Bad DVD House astonishes everyone around him not only with his diabolical way of treating patients but also his friends and subordinates. The story has no unwound and really brought house through a full circle by showing what types of obstacles and roadblocks our cripple has gone through.
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